Today, I needed a break from drawing ponies. I’d remembered a week ago, Rose had posted some screencaps of Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. Well, I thought they were just the coolest thing ever so I thought I’d do some drawing practice.

I broke down the construction of Rabbit starting with the basic shapes that make up the most important parts, his head and torso, while using gesture lines for the rest.

Next is the shapes that come off the primary. These are the legs, arms, neck, ears, etc. As it gets more complex, you’d add more shapes going from most important to least (or biggest to smallest in a way). I might have done too much in one step though.

Next is clean up. This is removing all of the lines that you don’t want. You’re removing your construction lines, your circles, your ovals, etc until you’re left with the figure. However, he’s bald. For the unexperienced, I would recommend drawing in the hair and other small features as their own step. Once you get used to it hair, you can try doing this step and the next in one go.

Finally we add hair. The hair is affected by multiple things. Gravity, wind, movement, the form of the thing underneath, and what the hair itself is like (curly, bouncy, wavy, fuzzy, fluffy, greasy etc). It can even be used for expression! If you’ve ever seen hair shoot up in a cartoon to convey surprise or shock, that’s what I mean. This isn’t a hard step, but it’ll require a bit more thought than “bangs here; spikes there” (and I’ll admit I’m often guilty of this myself). There’s a flow to hair, and it flows in different ways in different parts. I’m not an expert on it myself, but by looking at pictures of hair, there’s always a sort of flow (even in the messy ones).

And so with all that said and done, I think I did a decent job. I did waaay too much tracing, and I’m pretty off in certain areas, but otherwise I don’t think I did a bad job.

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